The Best Vacuum Cleaner

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner Type for you?

Every household should have a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house these days and to keep the dirt and dust away. At first most people are kind of concerned with the price of their new household tool. But mostly the decision comes down to cost-effectiveness and convenience at the end. Most of the advanced features these devices, especially for the bagless types, are really worth the cost.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are one of the greatest innovations of the 90s. Since these became popular but the bagged models are also available since both types has their pros and cons. And even though a bagless vacuum cleaner might be more expensive, you will definitely save a lot of costs for bags (which you don’t need to buy) in the long run. Additionally, these bagless vacuums offer much greater convenience.

As you probably noticed, we do recommend the bagless types. You have to know though that even if they do not need bags, they do need some regular maintenance. Most of the best vacuum cleaners include filters that need to be washed every now and then and at some point also need to be replaced (only after many washing cycles though). [Perfume blog, Video downloader]

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How About the Vacuum Brand, Is that Matter?

Well, I see lots of website or blog are more focused on types of vacuum cleaners like canister, upright, stick, robot, and so on. So, I decided to write something different on my blog…I will be more focus on the different vacuum brands and models.

p/s: Just discovered a site that doing quite good reviews on canister vacuum models, go to this site for more info.


Miele, a Germany company that produces several types of vacuum cleaners in good standard and quality, with a personal touch everyone appreciates. Miele vacuum cleaners have a range of good vacuums that have been built to deliver and last long. If you are looking for the perfect vacuum for your home, you can get the right one at many local stores or even online retailers like Amazon or Walmart.


Dyson is another industry giant that manufacturing the electrical appliances including vacuum cleaners. It’s constant revolutions in the technology make it one of the most trusted and popular brand. Today, the Dyson HQ is located in UK and their also has several offices around the world. Also, most of the Dyson vacuums is offering 5-year warranty.


Formed as a result of a merger between two companies – Lux and Elektromekaniska this Swedish consumer appliance company has been satisfying consumers across the globe for several decade with their wide array of consumer products. The Electrolux vacuum cleaners have cleaned homes since the ‘20s. The company other products include refrigerators, washing machines, cookers and more. Today, every home that believes in smart and comfortable living will have one or multiple products from Electrolux.


The Eureka Company was founded in 1909 by Fred Wardell. Eureka was named after a Greek word, Eureka, which means “I found it”. This company also produces several types of vacuum cleaners such as canister, upright, stick, etc. These vacuums are known for their good quality, deluxe features and good performance in the low to medium price range.

Dirt Devil

This US based company is one of the world’s first vacuum cleaner companies and it mainly focused on producing vacuum cleaners including the canister, upright vac, handheld, stick, as well as steam cleaners. The great thing about this company is that most of their range of vacuums is pretty cheap and hence it’s affordable.


Dating back to 1908, The Hoover Company is known for their innovative designs with a strong emphasis on cleaning performance. Are you old enough to remember “It beats as it sweeps as it cleans”, the phrase which promoted their patented beater bar for many years? Today they are well-known for their high performance WindTunnel technology in several types of their vacuums including some of the best stick vacuum models. Don’t overlook the other series of Hoover’s vacuums which is available in local vacuum cleaner specialists and online stores.


Euro-Pro is the company behind Shark vacuum cleaners. Euro-Pro is a well known manufacturer of household appliances, which once included the Shark vacuum line. Shark developed into its own line of vacuums and is now sold under the Shark name. While Euro-Pro still manufactures these vacuums, they are a separate brand on their own. There are many excellent upright vacuums produced by Shark including some of the lightweight models like Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum, NV752.

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P/s: One of my close friend is also very experienced in vacuum cleaners and he told me he already created a canister vacuum site and other types of vacuum sites also on the way, so feel free to visit his site.