Benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a steam vacuum cleaner you will be surprised at the variety of choices that you have. They come in all formats – some that look like upright vacuum cleaners and others that are of canister type with a nozzle or hose hanging upon on them.

The essential function of a steam vacuum cleaner involves the spraying the carpet using steam mixed with detergent, cleaning it by washing and sucking out this mixture back on to it.

For better cleaning some of the models feature revolving or rotating brushes that vibrate the carpet when cleaning it. The initial models that were brought into the market featured a special wand and nozzle which were included in the wet dry make of vacuum cleaner.

Access to hot water was provided by a long hose that was attached to the unit. The wand contained a small bottle filled with detergent which was then mixed with hot water prior to spraying the carpet. The amount of water sprayed was controlled by a finger controlled valve. This make of the vacuum is still in use in the current time.

However there are advanced designs that are more efficient where detergent and water combination is kept atop a tank included in the unit. This obviates the usage of the lengthy hose for delivering water.

The core of the system comprises a spraying mechanism, suction motor, cleaning solution tank, cleaning nozzle and a recovery tank. Systems where a hose is used generally feature a pump driven by a motor that forces the mixture to be ejected through outlet of the hose.


Upright steam cleaners

In this make of the steam cleaners the unit features a suction motor, primary nozzle and tank apart from other features of upright vacuum cleaners. The steam cleaner is then moved about just as in case of uprights.

Typically the solution flows into the spray nozzle with the suction nozzle being in front of the spray nozzle. A lot of these also feature brushes with cause vibration of carpet and aid in dust removal.

A small nozzle with detachable brushes that can be attached to a special hose is typically found in most types and is meant for cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture.


Canister Steam Cleaners

In canister steam cleaners the suction motor and tank is built into the unit while a nozzle and hose are separate. Carpet is cleaned by moving the nozzle fixed to the hose across the carpet.

Advanced models feature a brush in the nozzle for performing a more thorough cleaning. It is much easier to move these types of cleaners than their upright counterparts due to the light weight of the nozzle. The drawback is that they are not as easy or convenient to set up upright ones. It can be difficult to pull the whole unit if the carpet area is large. For smaller variations, a portable extractor is included in the canister type.

While it is easy and convenient way to clean furniture and stairs it does not offer the same quality of cleaning. The ideal way to use steam cleaners is to periodically clean carpets when they are only lightly soiled. The results of cleaning a very stained or dirty carpet may not be remarkable.

For cleaning such carpets using a neighborhood professional carpet cleaning service is the best bet. They use powerful commercial vacuum cleaners specially meant for heavy duty cleaning and can show good results.

You might also consider a robotic vacuum cleaner if you are looking for a heavy duty cleaning solution.


How to buy the best steam cleaner? Watch the video below:

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